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          Paisley Burns Club Greeting 2006            


As guid friends gaither the world oíer

Tae celebrate oor Burnsí lore

Whiles contemplatiní whitís in store

I look the ither way

Sic a year Iíve never kenít afore

Whit would Rabbie dae?


Mother Natureís powrs divine

Saw deadly wave aní quake combine

Aní dragged puir souls intae the brine

Like tea leaves doon a sink

Twa hunner thousaní people dyiní

Whit would Rabbie think?


Wi aw the might that she could muster

She sent Katrina to blaw and bluster

Aní the Mardi Gras lost its lustre

Aní left anarchy to ding

She rent the home of jazz asunder

Whit song would Rabbie sing?


While in Iraq, peace stays a slave

Black Watch sodjers still stauniní brave

Twa thoosand yankees in their grave

It isnae clear tae me.

Is it freedom or oil we want tae save?

Whit would Rabbie see?


In London town the windaes clattered

Trams aní lives left lyiní shattered

A nationís pride bruised aní battered

What fuels this fight?

Tae them only ĎJihadí mattered.

Whit would Rabbie write?


Then Perthshireís scenic Highland gate

Thrown open tae worldly good aní great

Wi the wealth to fill aíbodysí plate

Aní end aw poverty

But millions starve as the G8 ate

Whit would Rabbie say?


Ma Scottish psyche is guy weary

But ma gless is fuí Ė itís no hauf empty

Aní worldly blessings have I plenty

Letís aw look furret the way

Powrs greater than us shape destiny

Thatís whit Rabbie wid say


So as we gaither from aw the airts

Aní come thegither from mony pairts

For those oí us wií heavy hairts

Fill up yer gless today

Aní embrace life wií aw its warts

                                                                        Thatís whit Rabbie wid dae.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bob CarruthJan 25th 2006