General Readings at Club Meetings (topics since September 2002)

(Note that not all meetings included a general reading, particularly during the period when the agenda included discussions on recovery of the cottage after the fire)

September 02 "The Great Arc" by John Keay describing how India was mapped out.
October 02 "Leaves from Rowans Logs" by Dr R.B.Carson detailing his sailing adventures
around the Scottish Islands 1927 to 1939
March 03 The life of James B. Reston . The international journalist.
October 03 The autobiography of Len Murray "The Pleader"
February 04 Brown's publication, "Paisley Poets"
March 04 The Booker Prize novel "The Life of Pi ", by Yann Martel.
September 04 The works of Christopher Brookmyre, a modern Barrhead writer.
December 04 “The Compleat Angus"
biography of Angus Mclntyre ,poet of Taynuilt and Tobermory.
March 05 The Life and works of George Gordon aka Lord Byron .
April 05 The works of Neil Munro
September 05 "Whisky Galore" by Compton McKenzie.
November 05 "Nol Lady's Detective Agency " by Alexander McCall Smith
December 05 The works of poet William Sharp and his Gaelic alter ego Fiona Macleod
February 06 The works of George MacDonald Fraser including the Flashman Books.
April 06 " Isles of Sunset" impressions of the Hebrides, by Rev Walter A-Mursell.
September 06 The Works of William T. McGonagall.
November 06 The life and works of R.B.Cunninghame Graeme.
December 06 " The Little Book of Calvin " by Bill Duncan.
February 07 The works ofWm. Mcllvanney.
March 07 “Tale of two Cities “ Charles Dickens
April 07 The works of Tom Gibson, club bard for 30 years “Gallery One”
September 07 “Last of the Mohicans” James Fenimore Cooper
October 07 “Can’t shoot a man with a cold” by former club president Colin Campbell
A tribute to the works of Euart Alan McIntosh
November 07 A short story by Irvine Welsh

December 2007 Poems with a seasonal theme 1 Christ’s Conception by Edwin Muir
Advent 1955 by John Betjeman; 3 Hogmanay by Violet Jacobs
New Year’s Morning by Marion Angus; 5 “Hypochonderie” by Robert Crawford.
February 2008 Excerpts from “The Uncommon Reader” by Alan Bennett.
March 2008 Poems from the anthology “100 Favourite Scottish Poems “ edited by Stewart Conn
Beachcomber by George McKay Brown; 2 Luss Village by Ian Crichton Smith;
“Gollop’s” by Anna Crowe ; 4. “Did Ye See Me?” by Robert Garioch;
The Voyeur by Tom Leonard ; 6. “Hats” by Muriel Spark; & 7 “Hats” by Angela McSeveney.
April 2008 The Works of John Mitchell, incl.”The Diaries of Morris Simpson”; bk1 Class Struggle; bk2 Chalked Off; and bk3 Absolutely Chalked Off
September 2008 The Works of Andrew Robert Tannahill 1900 - 1986, incl. “Tapsalteerie Too’er”
October 2008 The Life and Works of Samuel Smiles; incl.”Self Help-with Illustrations of Character,Conduct and Perseverence”
November 2008 An Essay from “Time” Magazine on Barack Obama; and excerpts from “Scots Who Made America” by Rick Wilson
December 2008 Excerpts from the book “Scottish Men of Letters in the 18th Century” by Henry Gray Graham.

Feb 2009: Ernie Smyth: Douglas Dunn

March 2009 : Frank Walker: P G Wodehouse

April 2009: Hugh Crawford: Thomas Pennant

September 2009    Robbie Menzies  on his role as lay Moderator to the Moderator of the General Assembly.

October 2009         Tom McCool on TS Elliot

November 2009    Gordon Matthews on Robert Fergusson

December 2009    Bob Saunders on the poet Rab Wilson