As Man to Man                    (Bob Carruth)


Oor Bard's enlighten'd philosophy

Embrac'd the right to liberty

He dreamt o' equality

An' fur yin an aw

Britherhood an' fraternity

Was whit he foresaw.

So lookin' doon on Scotland's streets

Do drouthy neebors neebors meet

An' strangers wae a handshake greet

Like lang lost brithers?

We Scots need tae see oursels'

As we see ithers.


Oor nation has a secret shame                  

An' prejudice still finds a hame                      

In oor so ca'd beautiful game                         

 A richt bad rancour                                           

Is Billy or Tim the wan tae blame                  

Fur fitba's canker.

Oor blessed bard, who art in heav'n

Thought free expression was God giv'n

But noo oor 'PC' world is riv'n

Wae such nonsense

Where veils and crosses on oor wimmin'

Can cause offence.


Fur those who seek oot oor dear shores 

Wae hopes and dreams forever more         

They cannae guess whit lies in store           

Frae oor repute.

We wait 'til dawn tae chap their door           

An' fling them oot.


Oor land has skins o' mony hues  

An' mony a god gets paid their dues            

Tak' a bit walk in a'bodys shoes                    

An' forget aw the fairin's                          

Rabbie, he saw the real values                             

 In aw Jock Tamson's bairns.

His message tae Scotland's Unco guid

Sittin' pretty in Holyrood

Is prejudice must be subdued

Be it race or religion

See the trees and no the wood

In Scotia's kith an' kin.


The Scottish nation is in rude health  

Its people must remain its wealth          

An' as we toast Rabbie himsel'   

Open hearts and hands

See yer neebors as ye see yersel'        

man tae fellow man.