A National Conversation        (Bob Carruth)

Three hunner' years hae come an' gin

Since Dariens' solution

When Queensberry an' Godolphin

Proposed their blessed Union

Lang years past 'til Dewar's dream

Deliver'd devolution

Noo Salmond meets wae high esteem

He wants a conversation

The common man has nae belief

In oor Westminster maisters

The passin' months bring nae relief

Frae crisis an' disasters

An' nationalists noo haud the sway

We've heard their declaration

Their term is in its infancy

They want a conversation

Will that debate then prod awake

A sleeping lion rampant?

Wae British roots left tae forsake

An' lea the Union dormant

We face decisions, lang and hard

This modern generation

Tae play the independent card

Needs mair than conversation

Treasury gowd fills oor coffers

Barnett's sums they get the blame

Cap in hand we tak their offers

Ur we better aff alane?

While tartan dreams, they may beguile

The fortunes o' oor nation

Needs mair than usquebah an' oil

Start up the conversation

Burns' ain regretfu' sad fareweel

To Scoria's fame and glory

The parcel o' rogues wha did the deal

Ur sma' pert o' oor story

Scottish hairts ur aince again replete

Wae thoughts aboon oor station

Tae staun prood on oor ain twa feet

Let's hear the conversation

Wur Burns amang us aw the noo

He'd revel in oor debate

His precious words, they wud ensue

Tae colour Scotland's fate

His ready wit wud cut thru' spin

Wae pow'rs o' persuasion

Nae Scot was e'er as practised in

The art o' conversation