Burns Greeting 2024

The Year is Twenty TwentyFour

The year is Twenty Twentyfour. Twa thousand and twa dozen
Assailed a’ sides wi’ tales o’ woe, nae wonder heids are buzzin’
Mental health in disrepair. Aye, lockdown played a part
But the issues go much deeper, so let’s go back to the start.

We are famous for our friendliness in this land of hills and heather
But now, sadly, seem unable to have a right gid blether.
My friends, I have a theory- and please feel free to mock it,
But the art of conversation dies when the mobile’s in your pocket.

You see folk everywhere you go, whether sitting, standing, walking
Oblivious to yin and a’ while their thumbs dae a’ the talking
Or the couple in the restaurant, expressions dull and broodin’
Scarce a word will pass their lips – but they’ll hae photos o’ the pudding.

You can text me an emoji wi’ a smile so big and wide
But how am I supposed tae ken you’re no’ breaking up inside?
So take your phone and switch it af and dae me one big favour
Let’s sit thegither face to face and engage in clishmaclaver.

Och , I ken you think it’s idle chat but now the screen’s no’ blinkin’
We can look each other eye to eye and fnd what we’re truly thinkin’
And if alone some warm June nicht as bats aboot ye fitter
Don’t lif the phone to look for help – you’ll no’ fnd me on Twitter.

Instead I’ll come and see ye and we’ll hae a mid-summer dram
Ten we’ll maybes hae another – that’s the kind of friend I am!
We gather here in celebration, and it gives me great delight
For as I cast my ee’ around the room there’s not a single phone in sight.
Auld acquaintance being updated. New friendships being cemented
Were Rabbie in our company, I’m sure he’d be contented
A trouble shared – a trouble halved – let’s embrace the year ahead
Don’t sit alone to guess and fear – can we communicate instead?

As news of wars and climate change make your brow draw down wi’ scunner
Here’s my hand my trusty friend – let’s be there for yin another.

Douglas W Boatman 2024

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