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Burns Greeting 2021

Paisley Burns Club (1805-2021)

A Lockdown Tonic

As Janwar’s winds blaw snell an’ keen
So, let the oldest club convene
Nae sherry sweet tae open the scene
Tae oor Burns tribute
Touch o’ a button lichts the screen
Nae supper on mute

But din an’ clatter in oor room
Wae laptops glowin’ thro’ the gloom
Oor celebrations we consume
Thro’ sound an’ vision
Proceedings via the gift o’ Zoom
Upholds tradition

But FACTS are chiels that winna ding
We can still laugh an’ we can sing
An’ mako or hooses’ rafters ring
On this special nicht
When thankfu’ smiles need unmasking
Wae faces alicht

An’ to receive oor gratefu’ prayer
Let sangs an’ verse still fill the air
There’s nae sanitized bill o’ fare
That wud dae the trick
Instead, fellow members share
A Lockdown tonic
Socially distant, safe online
Nae virus will our night define
Oor celebration, we’ll refine
Tho’ the times are hard
We’ll still belt oot fur Auld Lang Syne
To hail oor Bard
An’ as the nicht draws tae an end
Wae thanks an’ plaudits tae extend
A virtual haund my trusty friend
Thro’ the ether share
‘til Paisley Burns Club meets again
Stay safe an’ tak’ care.
BC 2021

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