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Burns Greeting 2023

Burns an’ Hygge A winter o’ discontent for aw’ As honest workers strike a blaw Guid thochts can aften melt awa Amid viral spike Oor nation’s herts left tae thaw Snaw aff a dyke Too mony in this nation’s care In hoddin’ grey wae cupboards bare Tak’ shame in haein’ food bank fare Guid times […]


Burns Greeting 2022

WRITTEN IN THE STARS As the Wolf Moon wanes each Janwar It dims beside a blazing star That lights the night, brightest by far With verses glimmering Take in this literary quasar Stanzas shimmering No Hubble scope or lens required Just gaze skyward for rhymes inspired With naked eye, see poems fired From Mercury to […]

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Burns Greeting 2021

CCXV Paisley Burns Club (1805-2021) A Lockdown Tonic As Janwar’s winds blaw snell an’ keen So, let the oldest club convene Nae sherry sweet tae open the scene Tae oor Burns tribute Touch o’ a button lichts the screen Nae supper on mute But din an’ clatter in oor room Wae laptops glowin’ thro’ the […]

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Burns Greeting 2020

CCXV Paisley Burns Club (1805 – 2020) A decade gone in just a wink Wae scarcely time tae sit an’ think Politics taks us tae the brink New Brexit dawning While hopes fur peace start tae sink Missiles an’ bombing At oor Burns Club, we ride the storm Tak shelter in oor cottage warm The […]

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Burns Greeting 2019

Ellisland, 13 December 1789 One dark, dank December night When ills of life had laid him low Burns picked up his nib to write Of human spirit’s ebb and flow A bard scarce able to lift his head His mind amok with ‘nervous disease’ Black thoughts of solace among the dead As pain and anguish […]

Tannahill Cottage – Renfrewshire Doors Open 2020

Tannahill Cottage is featured in the Renfrewshire Doors Open 2020 Virtual Tours and can be located at the Renfrewshire Doors Open website. A PowerPoint of the Cottage can be downloaded by clicking the photo of the cottage above and then the link to Tannahill Cottage. Tannahill Cottage 2020 version3

Burns Greeting 2018

The Culture of Encounter Calls that our culture Embraces encounters And sparks connections With our fellow man But we put up walls Close off the borders Build up the barriers When in the same boat And big guns then boast Mine is the biggest And breenge to the brink Through tough-talking Tweets But Janwar’, our […]