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Burns Greeting 2020

Paisley Burns Club (1805 – 2020)

A decade gone in just a wink
Wae scarcely time tae sit an’ think
Politics taks us tae the brink
New Brexit dawning
While hopes fur peace start tae sink
Missiles an’ bombing

At oor Burns Club, we ride the storm
Tak shelter in oor cottage warm
The winds o’ change hae bin the norm
We’ve seen turmoil in mony a form
An’ it aye will be

As Ilka month we sit an’ gaither
Fur sangs, poems, readings an’ blether
An’ sagely share oor thoughts thegither
In climates o’ change
Be it fair or foulest weather
Oor views exchange

Aye Burns Nicht, we think na o’ time
As aw guid freens sit doon tae dine
An’ toast his name in sang an’ rhyme
Man, the oors fly!
We sing oot lood for Auld Lang Syne
As each year rolls by

An’ aince oor guests hae sat an’ troughed
Wae chappit neeps an’ haggis scoffed
We’ve hosted, toasted, roared an’ laughed
‘Til sides are sair
Sherry, wine an usquebae quaffed
Who’d want fur mair?

We hae bin here aft times before
Through trouble, strife an’ bloody war
Tae honour Burns an’ whit he staunds fur
Wae Drams an’ debate
An’ may it be for evermore
We’ll set the warld straight

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