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2010 Greeting

It seems that every year I stand up here to give the Club’s annual greeting I am celebrating the birth or recognising the death of someone and this year is no different. 2010 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of our Club’s founding secretary, the Paisley poet and songwriter Robert Tannahill.    As well as […]

2009 Greeting

“Scotland’s Year of Homecoming will be officially launched tonight with a Homecoming Burns Supper, hosted by First Minister Alex Salmond, in Alloway. Call me cynical, but with so much of Scottish life and culture worth celebrating, not least the 250th anniversary of our Bard’s birth, are we no in danger of missing the point.” Rabbie’s […]

2008 Greeting

A National Conversation Three hunner’ years hae come an’ gin Since Dariens’ solution When Queensberry an’ Godolphin Proposed their blessed Union Lang years past ’til Dewar’s dream Deliver’d devolution Noo Salmond meets wae high esteem He wants a conversation The common man has nae belief In oor Westminster maisters The passin’ months bring nae relief […]

2007 Greeting

As Man to Man Oor Bard’s enlighten’d philosophy Embrac’d the right to liberty He dreamt o’ equality An’ fur yin an aw Britherhood an’ fraternity Was whit he foresaw. So lookin’ doon on Scotland’s streets Do drouthy neebors neebors meet An’ strangers wae a handshake greet

2006 Greeting

Paisley Burns Club Greeting 2006 As guid friends gaither the world o’er Tae celebrate oor Burns’ lore Whiles contemplatin’ whit’s in store I look the ither way Sic a year I’ve never ken’t afore Whit would Rabbie dae?

2002 Greeting

A GREETING WI’ DATES MAUMIE AN’ WAIRSH Oan June 21st – the year’s langest day – The auldest Burns Club coachéd its way Tae Auld Reekie. A bit splore we’d hae Alang the M8. Then, stravaigin’ like wyse wains at play, Aff doun the Coogate! Scotland’s new Museum we’d favour – An’ Canongate, wi clishmaclaiver! […]

1996 Greeting

Twa Hunner’ Years Syne On a dank, dreich day by the Nith, Ae chiel passed awa’ in Dumfries – Tho’ plackless then, in wardly worth, He was bless’d in his Maker’s peace – And in your mind an’ mine Richt up to this day, Twa hunner’ years syne. On a sad, soor day by the […]

1990 Greeting

In the Aichties — for the Nineties In the Aichties — We heard o’ yon Walesa chiel — Mandela, Sakharov as weel, An mair, withstood Oppression’s heel, Aye constant in faith. Like Rab. they dreamed ae promise leal Wi’ he’rts shair as daith. In the Aichties — Grim terrorism an’ blindest hate Brocht Lockerbie an […]