2002 Greeting


Oan June 21st – the year’s langest day –
The auldest Burns Club coachéd its way
Tae Auld Reekie. A bit splore we’d hae
Alang the M8.
Then, stravaigin’ like wyse wains at play,
Aff doun the Coogate!

Scotland’s new Museum we’d favour –
An’ Canongate, wi clishmaclaiver!
Up Calton Hill we didna waver,
Tae Burns’ Monument,
Sae elegant – at which we’d savour
Scots’ Enlightenment!

September’s 11th day cam’ bye,
Wi’ nae thochts o’ dreidour lourin’ nigh.
New York waukened tae ae clear, blue sky.
Syne Daith’s darts sped roun’
Tae blowthir twin Trade To’ers sae high
An’ dingit them doun!

Owre muckle years – mair than oor lifespan –
See man’s inhumanity tae man
Mak’ countless thoosan’s mourn, but can
Raise ae common cause
Across sea an’ sky, wi ootstreitched han’
As each day daw’s!

An syne, oan Janwar’s 25th day,
A’ roon the warl, we’ll link han’s an’ pray
That freenship an’ tolerance will stay
In Memory an’ he’rts,
As Preses Ken, in musical way,
Lauds yon lad o’ pairts!


Tom Gibson 25th January 2002

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