1990 Greeting

In the Aichties — for the Nineties

In the Aichties —
We heard o’ yon Walesa chiel —
Mandela, Sakharov as weel,
An mair, withstood Oppression’s heel,
Aye constant in faith.
Like Rab. they dreamed ae promise leal
Wi’ he’rts shair as daith.

In the Aichties —
Grim terrorism an’ blindest hate
Brocht Lockerbie an aerial fate
Baith sad an’ sair! Let’s no’ be blate.
Wi’ our heids held high.
Tae tell assassins ‘‘Tak the gait —
Justice’s wrath is nigh”!

In the Aichties —
Democracy was fairly sought —
Monie ae fier in jyle did rot
Or died beneath the tanks that shot
Doon fair FREEDOM’s name,
Noo. brithers a’, an’ brithers Scot,
Let’s welcome PEACE hame!

In the Aichties —
The Berlin Wa’ cam’ tum’lin’ doon,
As East met West in GLASNOST roon
Streets, across squares. Wi’ FREEDOM’s boon —
Britherhood wi’ a’
We’ll sup it weel, wi’ shortest spoon.
Sae PEACE an’ JOY may da’.

For the Nineties —
This gretin’s prescribed by President Jim
A doctor chiel — nae Hornbrook him —
His patient’s care’s no late nor grim,
But helps a’ keep fine.
This nicht, haun’s clasped, as lichts grow dim,
We’ll sing AuId Lang Syne.

Tom Gibson 25th January 1990

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