2017 Greeting

As the Club Bard is this year’s President, the 2017 Club Greeting was written by our previous Bard, Tom Gibson.

Greeting – As Aye!

Janwar’ winds whaizle ower the Braes,
Sheughs brimfu’ wi’ rain an’ wi’ snaw
Whitters o’ strunt we’ll quaff in praise
O’ yon Robin, wha’s lang synes awa’!

Lang synes awa’ but his mem’ry’s aye wi’ us
As we gash, sae trig, in company roon’
Trenchert tables, wi’ rant, verse and chorus
In the leal he’rt o’ auld Paisley toon!

“Rants” aboot whit-like year was yon-
The ane that’s past us, been and gone?
At times weel short o’ truth an’ clarity
Aften mair short o’ love an’ charity!

A’ roon the warl’ man’s inhumanity
Tae fellow men lacks sanity!
At the whim o’ megalomaniacs
Bairns die, whyles toons ruin wi’ wracks

Here at hame we’ve gotten ae guddle,
Politicians drookit in ae deep puddle.
Flexit, Brexit, Stirrit, Mix it-
Whit wey no’ agree to Fix it!

Ae when o’ years syne – weel recordit-
This Club’s greeting, whit e’er way wordit,
Spreads ae message tae oor fiers-
Guid Luck, Guid Health an’ Mony Guid Years!

TG 2017

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