2015 Greeting


A lion once rampant
With blue tongue and claw
Limps into the New Year
A thorn in his paw

His proud mane is matted
Hishide in tatters
War, it has raged on

A campaign so bitter
Stripped him ofhis pride
He hirpleshis way through
A nation divide

September saw battle
The two sides converged
Caught in the crossfire
Our lion emerged

To this January night
He comes bloodied and scarred
But let him find balm
In words ofour bard

Let us Jolly Beggars
Serve nourishing fare
Andhelp lift his legs
Just like Tam’s grey mare

Let’s feed him on haggis
‘Til earth will resound
Gie him guid Scotch drink
‘Til sorrows are drowned

Let potions from Hornbook
Help deep wounds restore
And Clarinda’s caress
Bring back his roar

As Auld Lang Syne’s chorus
Brings fortha new morn
A timorous beastie
Will pluck out the thorn
Bob Carruth 2015

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