2014 Greeting

Paisley Burns Club Greeting

An autumn storm is on it way
But Westlin’ winds are not to blame
Clouds are gathering day by day
And independence is its name

September brings the time to choose
When citizens must make their mark
The stakes are high, to win or lose
For Auld Scotia the choice is stark

Should Scotland opt to seperate
And split apart this British isle
Faint hopes of rational debate
Are ready drenched in spin and bile

Will auld acquaintance be forgot
An Act of Union lie slain
Or will it all just come to naught
And devolution long remain

Both sides choose our bard to plunder
Union and Nationalist
Scour songs, rent rhymes asunder
His heart-felt words to turn and twist

It leaves a nation fit to rive
Truth to shed from hypocrisy
But in eleven score days and five
The victor must be democracy

September 18th marks a day
To define our generation
The old and young will have their say
On the future of our nation

A man o’ independent mind
Were Burns to write our epistle
Both head and heart must be inclined
To grasp the independence thistle

Bob Carruth – January 2014

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